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Goal: To raise a minimum of One Million Dollars (USD) for the programs of The Rotary Foundation or the Bequest Society of The Rotary Foundation (Canada) with minimum donations of $10,000 from each donor.

About the Dinner


Guest Speaker Dr. MONTY J. AUDENART - TRUSTEE 2013-17”

Monty J. Audenart, a dentist, is a fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy of Dentistry and the International Academy of Dentistry. He is a founding member of the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra and a director for ShelterBox Canada. He is the recipient of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal and the Mayor’s Recognition Award for distinguished volunteer service.

A Rotarian since 1987, Audenart has served RI as vice president, director, RI Board Executive Committee member, International Assembly assistant moderator and moderator, RI training leader, regional RI membership coordinator, RI membership zone coordinator, and district governor. He founded the Rotarian Action Group of Dental Volunteers.

He and his wife, Liz, are Major Donors and charter members of the Bequest Society of The Rotary Foundation.




So you are probably asking yourself, “What is a Million Dollar Dinner?”

A million dollar dinner is the “grand finale” event designed to recognize all Major Donors and Bequest Society.

Members whose outright gifts/commitments of $10,000 USD or greater and Paul Harris Society Members-10 year commitments to our Rotary Foundation, within the 2012-13, 2013-14 and early 2014-15 Rotary years. These donations will achieve the goal set by district leadership of at least $1 Million in new gifts/commitments in support of our Foundation in this set timeframe.

The dinner will be taking place October 9, 2014 at Pier 21 in Halifax and the invitation has been put out to the RI President to attend and say thank you! How exciting!


Six ways that you can get involved and attend this exciting and historic event:

1. An outright Major Gift of $10,000 USD or greater. (Remember all Polio gifts will be matched by the Gates Foundation 2:1, so your $10,000 gift to polio will produce $30,000 in eradication efforts!) Or top up your existing contribution to the 10,000USD or greater level.

2. Make your gift via a 3-year pledge! So $10,000 over 3 years is $3,333 USD per year to establish a Major Donor-level 1 gift, with recognition at the time of commitment.

3. Outright gifts of stock have unique tax advantages.

4. Increase your existing Benefactor or Bequest gift commitment by at least $10,000, will qualify you. (remember legacy gift commitments of $25,000 and greater provide for an individual named endowment within Rotary’s larger endowment fund)

5. Make a new legacy gift commitment and become a Bequest society member by adding a codicil to your will to include the Rotary Foundation (Canada) or change the beneficiary on your life insurance policy and/or RRSP’s. (note: copies of your legal documents are not required) We can help you make these legal changes at no cost to you.

6. Join the Paul Harris Society, making your first contribution of $1000 USD, and confirming a 10 year commitment to the District.


Next steps and contacts:

• Spread the word! Share this information at club meetings, club bulletins, club announcements and make sure everyone is aware of this historic, first time- district hosted-Million Dollar Dinner event!

• Submit the name of all Rotarian’s who wish to participate with a gift to our Foundation and this dinner, to your area’s captain listed below. These Captains will direct the Rotarian appropriately to complete the details of their gift to our Rotary Foundation. Or simply complete the simple commitment form found on this website.

Nova Scotia and Saint Pierre et Miquelon- DG Greg Coldwell 902-679-8007 and DGE Stella Roy 902-471-2036

Prince Edward Island- ARRFC Duncan Conrad 902 368 3568

Newfoundland/Labrador - PDG Tom McCaughey 709-682-7259

Gift administration support- Carolyn Ferguson, Major Gift Officer, Zone 24-The Rotary Foundation by email: 905-304-6831 Ontario

Your recognition items will be presented to you in advance of the dinner and you will be invited to wear your pins that evening as you will have a photo opportunity with the RI President!

As this is a collaborative effort across three District Governors terms, gifts to the Foundation for this event already total $117,504 (1/2014)! Do we want to update the total??

Thank you for your consideration of support to our Foundation in this way! I hope to see you at your first EVER Million Dollar dinner!
PDG Tom McCaughey, DG Greg Coldwell, DGE Stella Roy


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